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Light Easy Listening Music - relaxing, peaceful, smooth music

Bob Smith
Published on 12 Feb 2021 / In Music / Easy Listening

Light easy listening music you can describe as relaxing, peaceful and smooth music which comes with wonderful forest scenes I could capture during my video trips.
Hope you enjoy the views and the music!

My friends, exactly three years ago, on Aug/25/2011, I recorded the first relaxdaily track in my home studio, made a simple picture based video and uploaded the result to YouTube. Back then I had a vision: To create a place with wonderful, calm and relaxing music, a place where people like you and me can come to in order to experience a refreshing contrast to our mostly quite busy, vibrant and oftentimes quite challenging lifestyles. Tunes (and images) that can be experienced actively for enjoyment, or passively, as background music for various situations.

Today, with the vision unchanged, I proudly present you a piece of work that I was dreaming of for quite a while: A nature-style film of some serious length (this YouTube version is 72min, the extended downloadable one: 92min). For quite some time I was thinking about adding some kind of smooth motion to my videos. A motion, that is – like my music - smooth enough to not distract too much so one can run the film in the background, but noticeable enough, so it makes an impact to the eye. For you to sense the beauty and energy of nature in a tasty way. This August, equipped with additional camera tools, I made my way through a few forests, added a few of my previously recorded tracks (hey, it's a pool of 89 music pieces by now!) and uploaded the result, again, here on YouTube. If you enjoy (congratulations on your good taste then), let me know - and share with the world ;)

Good energy to you!
Michael (music and video creator)

Filmed in the German states: North Rhine-Westphalia (around Rheinbach and Weilerswist) and Baden-Württemberg (in the Palatinate Forest and Eifel region) and a tiny bit in France (around Château Fort de Fleckenstein).

Relaxdaily tracks used:
1) N°045
2) N°082
3) N°075 - Forest
4) N°038 - Forest
5) N°034 - Forest
6) N°064 - Forest
7) N°089
8) N°077 - Forest
9) N°042 - Forest

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music and video © 2011-2014, relaxdaily

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